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Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday, May 17th Choice Unit Activities

Choice Unit: Day 6
Response Questions

1. Explain two important ideas that your author has tried to convey so far.
2. Review the opening of the novel. What does the author do to “hook” the reader?

3. Who are the main characters? Describe each of them.
4. Are any characters like others you have “met” in other books? How so?

5. What is the most important event in the book so far? What makes you identify the event as most important?
6. What theme is emerging in the story thus far?

7. Where and when does the story take place? How do you know?
8. Think of a place like the one in the book. Where is it? Describe it.

9. What feelings has the reading brought out in you thus far? What about the book makes you feel that way?
10.Has the mood of the story shifted at all? Where and why?

11. How does the author keep you interested in the story?
12. Describe a scene that lingers in your mind. Find that scene in the book. What about the writing causes the scene to be particularly memorable?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Choice Unit Activity for Thursday, May 13

1. With your group, create a flow map of the events of your novel so far. If possible, include dates and important places with your significant events—this should be a detailed timeline of your novel so far.
2. Each person should choose the single most important WORD from the reading completed for class today. Share your word and explain your choice with your group.
3. Each person should choose the single most important EVENT. Share your word and explain your choice with your group.
4. Each person should choose the single most important PASSAGE. Share your passage and be prepared to explain your choice.
5. If you’re reading Butterflies, Fallen Angels, or Weight of All Things, consider how aspects of culture affect your reading and understanding of the novel. Remember that culture can also mean the culture of war. What elements of culture have you seen present in the novel so far?
6. If you’re reading Slaughterhouse, consider how Vonnegut has utilized a nonlinear narrative format in this novel. What effect does the nonlinear format have on the book and its message? In other words, what does Vonnegut gain by telling the story in this way? Why did he choose to write that way?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Official Story

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Friday, April 30, 2010

Vonnegut Video

Click on this link to go to the PBS NOW website, and then click on the "watch video now" link to see the video.

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Descriptive Paragraphs

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