Friday, April 30, 2010

Vonnegut Video

Click on this link to go to the PBS NOW website, and then click on the "watch video now" link to see the video.


  1. Taylor White
    Hour 2
    Article Response

    I thought the article we read in class about Argentina's dirty war, was unbelievable with the fact that there are missing people that have just vanished and are no where to be found. In addition, it is hard to fathom the idea that over 30,000 people were killed and detained under the government. Furthermore, the movie we watched in class is encorporated into this article with the pressing issue of babies disappearing and parents not be able to find their lost child.

  2. Keagan P
    hour 2

    I thought the movie was very well done. It not only gave the perspective of those who had lost their family members but the view of those who didn't know where there kids came from. It showed all the pain involved and that was created by the dirty war. I thought it was incredible that Alicia was able to give up Gaby, it was the right thing to do but it was also very difficult, which is usually the case. The article only reenforced that the Dirty War was bad for everyone involved. It effected and put a whole country through physical and emotional hardship. To me the fact that 30,000 people died was only the beginning to the horrible things that followed.

  3. Maggie A. Hour 2
    I thought that the article we read in class was really sad. I think it would be horrible to find out that the people you had grown up with weren't really your parents and they had taken you, not to protect you, but because they could have the children because the real parents were dead. Discovering after years that your real parents were dead would really awful. I thought the movie did a great job of illustrating how hard it was to raise a child not knowing what had happened to their true parents and feeling the guilt of it. I think what they did to the parents of the children was horrifically sad and that the people who killed deserve to be tried.

  4. I thought the article we read in class was very bittersweet. It was sad because Alejandro found out that his parents had lied to him his whole life, and that would be hard to deal with, as he could no longer trust the people who had raised him. Furthermore, to find out that your fake parents are the reason you never got to meet your real ones would be horrifying. However, it was happy in the sense that Alejandro was reunited with his biological family, and he has forged a bond with his grandparents which is very special. I'm disappointed that only the father was tried for what he did, I would have liked the mother to have been tried as well.

    Ryan G. 2nd Hour

  5. Ashley Eickhoff Hour 2

    To me, the article we read in class was sad, but also had a sense of hope. I can't even imagine how Alejandro felt when he found out that the people who had raised him his whole life weren't really his parents. The shock of that would be terrible. Yet, there was hope, because he was able to gain a relationship with his real, biological family who had been trying to find him. He now has people who truly care for and love him. On the other side of the article though, to learn that babies were born in torture centers, their parents were killed, and then they were handed off to families is heart-breaking. And with 400 children still unaccounted for, that is just another horrible story.

  6. I thought that the article we read in class and the movie we watched were sad. I don't understand how bystanders can watch the grandmothers of these lost children be on strike at a very old age. They just want to know that their grandchildren are still alive and would really like to find them. And for the "parents" of the lost ones its nice that they are caring for them but it's not right to keep them from their real families. I just found it disturbing that there were so many lost children and they found around 100 of them so far. It's sad how some of these grandparents won't live to see their grandchildren and be with them.
    Jamie Jones 2nd Hr.